Get Iterative Hirshfeld Charges

Jacob's Notebook

For a detailed explanation see hirschfeld-i-analysis

A simpler method is outlined below:

  • Set up a directory in your NERSC home for the analysis of one compound
  • Copy the density file outputted from Abinit (e.g. mz122070_DEN) into this directory
  • Also copy into this directory all contents of the "hirshfeld" folder within "Norquist Lab Files" on the Norquist lab computer
  • You will notice a bunch of ae files, a separate atom types file, a, a file, a file, and a hirshfeld.sub file.
  • To generate .basenames and .sep files use the following command: ./separate_atomtypes.r.abinit_paw.12apr12 mz12207o_DEN
  • To generate all neutral .ae files use perl mz12207o_DEN.basenames -init
  • You will then need to edit the hirshfeld.sub file so that it uses the correctly named .basenames and .sep files.
  • Then just qsub hirshfeld.sub to submit the meta_run with 100 iterations.
  • To make sure the charges converged, check the charge_delta_iterations.dat file. At some iteration, all changes in charge should converge to zero for each atom.
  • You can then copy the charge_iterations.dat file onto a computer with Excell and origin, and plot the charge as a function of iteration.
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